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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Winds of Change are A-Blowin'

Hey Guys! Greetings! SOOO, been awhile, and of course, lots of things are different.

Firstly, I am now back in the Bay Area in order to pursue a computer software bootcamp program. WHAAA?! you're probably saying? Yeah, big changes.

This illustrious computer group is known as, "Coding Dojo," and I am nervous and excited to embark on this new journey. I am hoping it will lead to some great things; (such as the end of the current poverty I have been living in for 6 years.) Hey, if I can just make my own 'Choose Your Own Adventures' game, I will be psyched!

LA is still there, and in a perfect world, I would like to return there and pursue both avenues of acting and computers, but we'll see what God has planned for this next chapter of "The Emily Files." My love of acting has not waned, though the grind takes a large toll.

In the area of acting stuff, I had great auditions for NCIS, Wendys, and got to do some fun background on shows like, "Big Bang Theory," "True Blood," and "Glee," (among others.) I am also really enjoying these YouTube vlogs I am making on fun nerdy topics. Check it out if you get a sec. (search for emarsh000)

Now that I am in the Bay, I am hoping to stop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, (missed those jellies,) and spend some quality time with the fam. After that, who knows? But that's why life is great right?

More updates when I have some time! (I'll do a major "Famous People Sightings" next post, promise.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ok, More than a YEAR later, Emily finally updates her two followers. :)

Ok everyone hello! Yes, is HAS been a long time. Though in my defense, it wasn't all because of busyness or laziness, but because I was worried about bumping my reel down the page and if an agent or casting director came to my page, they wouldn't be able to find it as easy. But I digress... Let's update everyone about my life since 2011...

Firstly, I am now part of BOTH acting Unions: AFTRA and SAG. Why? Because God loves me and they merged so I was saved the 2,500 dollars. (Jesus is so good.) So I am an official professional actor now and if I do book something, I will make bookoo bucks now.

In other acting related news, I am now represented agent-wise by a great agency called, "Across the Board Talent" or "ATB". :) They are like a boutique agency with about 10 agents and assorted clients. I like them so much more than my last agency, so I am hopeful.

I am thinking of doing new head shots soon. I know it costs money but it's been over a year now since my last ones and I've lost a little weight and am thinking it might be time.

I've auditioned for and gotten a job singing back-up for a musical artist named Gina Hiraizumi. She is great, super fun and sweet and a CHRISTIAN, (which is so weird because I didn't know that when I auditioned.) She has quite a following in Asia and Hawaii and her new single out in the US that she just released is doing awesome with almost 50,000 hits already. (It's called, "Never Say Never" you can see it on YouTube.) While we will be doing local stuff here in L.A. for now, touring the world, (like Japan or Hawaii,) is definitely NOT out of the question.

On that note, we are doing a concert at a masquerade party on October 19th. It should be fun and the best part is...I get PAID! YEA for being "real". My papa will be so proud. :)

Also on the acting front, I finished a full length indie film that should be coming out in a month and I am SUPER excited to see it. Once it comes out, I am hoping to have enough footage to do a new and better acting reel.

As for my other work, I am doing mostly only babysitting now, as that gives me the most flexibility for auditions and pays just as well. (Plus, now that I am union, the amount of days I would get doing background would be much less.)

Other than that, I am still playing on and enjoying my guitar, (I even wrote a song for fun!) And this month, I started a challenge to do a VLOG, (video blog) on YouTube every day in September called, "VEDS." Here's a link to my intro and you can watch any and all days with topics you like.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV9OmTFHvhw. (If you can't find the others search "VEDS" and my name.) I try to make them fun and funny. And I already have 20 subscribers. Yea!

That's probably good for now, I love you all and please pray for my acting career and that I make some great networking contacts. If you want to hear more about famous people sightings, check out Day 2 of my VLOG on YouTube where I talk more about that. :)

With Joy, Emily

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Emily Marsh Reel

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazing, the posts are becoming semi-annual now?!

Hey family and friends! Yeahhh, so with the months going by, Emily is getting less and less on the ball with doing her updates. But I digress, let's get down to brass tacks and get to the good stuff...

So since NOVEMBER, (Geeze,) I have obviously been doing a lot. Still doing background work and Babysitting AND, I joined the Actor's Union AFTRA. WHOOO! That translates into more money per job, but probably less jobs total. Sooo, we'll see how God uses that one. Now I just need to join SAG and I will be a completely serious actor to those who know what's what. Anyone got 2500 dollars lying around? No? Funny, me either.

On the good side also, my great friend DJ Brady has finished helping to edit my reel of work so now I can send it out to agents and managers and hopefully snag someone who would LOVE to represent me. (A first reel is never your best stuff, but it's SOMETHING.)

I have missed my family since seeing them at Christmas when I drove up, but since Easter is now right around the corner, I will be catching a flight tomorrow to go see them. I am SOOOO EXCITED I MUST WRITE THIS IN ALL CAPS!!! I have plans for seeing a movie, maybe archery, maybe shooting range, maybe aquarium and rock climbing, (we'll see how much I can squeeze into four days.)

I have gotten to work on some fun projects. "Water for Elephants" is coming out when I'm home and I worked on that so we are all going to go see it. I am super excited. And speaking of "Super" I can finally reveal that the movie I worked on is called, "Super 8" with JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg. I KNOW RIGHT?? I was so excited to work on it and JJ once talked to me. It was surreal but very fun and cool. I wanted to be all like, "So you need anyone for the next Star Trek movie?? Because I would love to volunteer." :)

Other than that, I have been hanging out with friends, working, and teaching myself how to play guitar. That's correct....Guitar. I love playing any instrument and one of my goals was to learn guitar so I can accompany myself when I sing. It helps me destress which is so helpful because living on a shoestring is very stress inducing.

Let's see...what else, what else? I have found a new Bible Study through a great church called Reality LA. I've gone to the church too and its great, but the sermons are Looooong. They meet at a school auditorium which I love because its where GLEE films when they do the courtyard scenes so I have dubbed the church "The Church of GLEE." But anyway, the bible study is great, we're currently studying Mark. Other than that, not much more to report. But it is NOW time for.....

FAMOUS SIGHTINGS - (warning: lot of time has passed so this will be looong)

1. The cast of How I Met Your Mother - Don't remember if I mentioned this one already but I called in last minute to do background on HIMYM and saw the whole cast including Jason Segel, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Alison Hannigan, ("Willow" from Buffy) and of course my all time favorite, Mr. NPH (Neil Patrick Harris). I freely admit I might have silently freaked out a little when I saw him.

2. Kyle Chandler - Known as the main guy from "Early Edition" and the coach on "Friday Night Lights" and as the bomb expert on that crazy "Grey's Anatomy" episode, this guy makes an appearance in "Super 8" along with...

3. David Gallagher - Mr. Blondie from 7th Heaven also makes an appearance on "Super 8". His hair is longer and he looks very hippyish, (which makes sense, it takes place I THINK in the 60's or 70's)

4. Larry David and the Cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm - Along with Mr. David, I saw the lady who played "Janice" on Friends and Paolo from Princess Diaries and the dad from 10 Things I Hate About You.

7. The Cast of Community - Joel McHale and Ken Jeong were on set when I did background for the Valentine's Day episode on Community. My biggest featured role doing background to date and I was surprised how many people noticed and recognized me after they watched the episode. WEIRD.

8. Mario Lopez - Now the host of "Extras", I saw and said hi to Mr. Saved By the Bell guy when I worked on his show.

9. Adam Sandler - Main Star on his movie "Jack and Jill", Adam must be one busy guy with all these movies he's doing.

10. Johnny Depp - Saw Mr. Depp sitting with Al Pacino in the movie Jack and Jill, though I think he's just playing himself.

11. Al Pacino - great actor, I was lucky enough to get to see this guy perform on stage for the movie. Just in case though, I don't want to give too many details, you never know when the TV/Movie people will get mad about spilling deets on their projects.

12. Amy Adams - Saw her and Mr. Forgetting Sarah Marshall guy on "The Muppet Movie" that is coming out. My favorite part? Watching the puppeteers do so amazing that even though I see them, I think the puppets are the one's that are alive.

13. Anna Paquin - Got to work on True Blood and was so psyched, but while I saw the lovely Miss Paquin (or technically Mrs. Moyer?) I didn't get to see any of the majorly hot guys who work on the show. SIIIIIGGGHH. I will get to see Eric and Sam someday.

14. Zach Gilford - You may know him as the plucky quarterback from "Friday Night Lights," or the Boy Doc on "Off the Map", this guy is now doing a new Pilot. Hope that doesn't mean Off the Map is cancelled!

15. Kerry Bishe - known probably for being the new main character on the final season of Scrubs, I saw Kerry working on a TV pilot called, "Iceland"

16. Matt Damon - YES! Whoo-hoo, saw Mr. Damon with longer wavy hair on this great new movie called, "We Bought a Zoo," with his cute co-star...

17. Scarlett Johansson - She stole my shorter haircut and it looks great on her. I had fun on this shoot seeing many fun animals like monkeys, owls, peacocks, otters, zebras, ostriches, and camels.

18. Thomas Hayden Church - probably known more recently for being "Sandman" on Spiderman 3, I saw this guy on "We Bought a Zoo" too.

Just assume I saw the whole cast for WBAZ because my fingers are tired now.

That's all she wrote for now, love to my family and friends who care enough to read this! HUGS

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok, it's My BIRTHDAY MONTH! (but the lack of updates is just getting sad.)

Hello all! My birthday is in less than a week and happy birthday to all other November babies!

So not to sound too self-obsessed, but let's talk about me. (update-wise of course.)

Since my last post, there have been a lot of ups and downs. One down is that Chilis fired me for basically working too much. Yea for them. No big loss but I will miss the paychecks and some of my fellow servers. A moment to grieve...

Money is tight as always and right now a little more scarce than usual but I am holding on by my fingernails and I won't give up. I am doing background and babysitting and actually a lot of background so when we get down to the famous sightings, I think you'll be in for a real treat.

I am currently trying to wrastle me a theatrical agent and my PR friend Dennis is helping me get all my stuff in order. I could really use some prayer for that if anyone has some room in their talks with Jesus. I am super excited to see my family for Thanksgiving and am trying to figure out what to do for my birthday when I have no money. I have been fiddling with the idea of going to this indoor gun range that we did background at one day. (And now my mom has had a heart attack and is crying.) Sorry mom! :) She doesn't like guns.

In other news, I was able to go to Disneyland for the Halloween time with my friends Debra, Andrea, and Jen. It was super fun and we had a BLAST! Seeing Disneyland dressed up for a certain holiday was awesome with the characters all made of pumpkins and fall foliage and decorations abounded. We were lucky to see the show "World of Color" and I don't mind admitting that I found it magical and breath-taking. The only downer of the day was the heat and the fact that the Toy Story ride was closed. Mehh!

For Halloween, I chose to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I had a wand and a Gryffindor patch and a tie and even a book I made to look like "Hogwarts, A History." I carried that book around and stuck my head in it as often as possible to give everyone a hint that I was NOT Harry Potter. (I mean COME ON, no glasses, no lightening scar, has anyone READ the books?) I also carved a super cool butterfly pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Did anyone know that people carved faces into pumpkins to scare away the goblins? Fun Fact.

I am excited that it worked out that I am Hermione for Halloween because since the 7th Harry Potter Movie is coming out in a couple weeks, I can wear my outfit to the 12 o clock screening if I choose to. Cool, baby yeaaaa.

No other big news of note right now. I am scheduled to work on this big hush hush movie that made me sign a non-disclosure agreement. No idea what it is though and I couldn't put it on here even if I did know.

SO NOW IT IS TIME FOR..................


Luke Wilson - Yea, from "Home Fries" to crazy chicks, this guy is playing with Laura Dern on the new HBO show called, "Enlightened" Saw him and Laura working background on their show.

Laura Dern - Hello Jurassic Park Lady, haven't seen you in awhile and she is the main character on the new HBO show called, "Enlightened."

Aimee Teegarden - best known as the coach's daughter on "Friday Night Lights," I saw Aimee when I was doing background on a Diseny movie called, "The Prom."

Maura Tierney - This lady from ER who has been fighting breast cancer is now a lead on the new show, "The Whole Truth" and I saw her doing background for her in an indoor gun range. (Sorry mom.)

Eamonn Walker - Mr. I-was-on-LOST-as-a-man-of-God-who-got-blown-up-with-my-staff, is now also on "The Whole Truth."

Eddie Cahill - Hello Cutie from Friends who played "Tag", I saw this guy working on his show "CSI:NY" with the next guy listed below. He's cuter without the harsh new york accent though.

Gary Sinise - AHH! Lieutenant Dan! I finally saw him on "CSI:NY". In fact the guy stood right next to me while his make-up lady touched him up.

David Caruso - It seems to be CSI month because Mr. Horatio from CSI:Miami brushed right be me and my friends and said, "Excuse me Ladies," when he had to get into position behind the bar for their 200th episode which I worked on.

Adam Rodriguez - I think this guy plays Eddie? on CSI:Miami. Whatever, the other main younger hispanic guy and he was also on set.

Dante Basco - Can you say RUFIOOOOOOO!! This guy we all know and love from Hook hasn't aged a day and is a guest star on the 200th CSI:Miami episode. He's kind-of short too but seems friendly. I got to see him get flung to the ground.

Justin Timberlake - Yes, the day after the VMA's I worked on his new movie, "Friends with Benefits." Passed right in front of Justin for the airport scene. When someone asked Justin if he had had fun at the VMA's he replied, ".....I had fun after."

Mila Kunis - She is the co-star of "Friends with Benefits" saw her doing background on the movie.

Sean White - Yes, Mr. I-have-two-gold-snowboarding-medals is doing a guest appearance on Justin's "Friends with Benefits" movie. I mistook him for a girl twice from behind because he is somewhat short and trim, with gorgeous red curly locks. And he was totally wearing my exact same black jeans. Weird.

Brad Pitt - That's right ladies. I worked on Brad's "Moneyball" movie and got to walk through the airport terminal with him. Very surreal for me since he is one of the biggies. It was kind-of like I didn't even believe he really existed outside cinema.

Eliza Coupe - You might know her from the later seasons of Scrubs. She is now doing the new show which is rumored to be the next "Friends" called "Happy Endings" NO, it is not what the title might infer and YES there have been many jokes made about it already.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar - I worked on this new TNT lawyer show with Mr. Zach Morris from saved by the bell with his now short brown hair.

Breckin Meyer - I LOVE this guy! He played Kate's brother in Kate and Leopold and Travis from Clueless and he and Mark are laywers in the new TNT show "Franklin and Bash"

Chris Colfer - Kurt from GLEE. Saw him get taught a lesson about being gay and being bullied by Mr. Harry Potter Musical Guy.

Mark Salling - Puck from GLEE played Bob Marley in the Quad while I gave him money and danced with other kids. Should be seen this next Tuesday.

Kevin McHale - Artie from GLEE let me help cover him from the rain with my umbrella while we filmed the Quad scene.

WHEW! That's all for now guys, miss you and hugs to everyone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's May and the months, they are A-Flying!

I need to apologize to my two followers *wink* that it's been so long since I updated everyone about my life since 2010 started. SO! Let's get down to the main brushstrokes.

The car eventually did get fixed and my little Tom Servo car is doing just fine. He is actually about to be majorly featured on GLEE as Mercedes and the Cheerios sing in front of him! (I even got a bumper sticker for the school which went to Sarah. Don't worry Liz, the next swag I get will be yours.)

I have been doing babysitting and background work to make ends meet on my bills until just recently when I finally got hired by Chili's to be a server. So yeah, praise Jesus there, and here's hoping I get lots of tips! In February I got a welcome vacation with the fam to the warm isles of Hawaii! I had so much fun and sun and snorkling, that I really didn't want to come back. Just to give you a teaser of all I did, there was ziplining, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming with turtles, and snorkling with amazing colored reefs. YEAHHHHHH

More recently, I have just gotten cast to do background on a new movie called, "Water for Elephants." I got to go to a fitting today at 8 AM (BLEH) but it's a period movie so I got to get dressed in cool clothes. :) I will get to interact with Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattenson, and the guy who won Best Supporting Actor in Inglorious Bastards. (Insert Name Here.)

In other news, my Bible Study is studying about Prayer which is intense. This is no mere leaflet we're slogging through. But it's very interesting.

SO!, We've covered job, church, and... AHH! Friends. So I have two friends who are engaged to get married so that is very exciting for them.

In future upcoming events my parents are coming down to LA to see me in the beginning of June and I am super excited. We are going to go see Iron Man 2 and maybe go to the 3 floor Forever 21 to shop? Here's Hoping.

AND NOW, it's time for..........

SIGHTINGS AND NEAR SIGHTINGS------------------------------------------------


Rob Lowe - Yes Ladies, Mr. Blue Eyes was guest starring as the love interest for Rashida Jones on Parks and Recreation.

The Rest of the Cast of GLEE - I saw Mercedes and Kurt do an awesome rendition of "Got 4 Minutes to Save the World" and saw Puck get thrown into a trash can, Mohawkless. I even saw Mr. Morrison/Mr. Shuester and I am sure Sarah is a leetle jealous.

Tom Cavanagh - From "Ed" to a new pilot called "Edgar Floats" I saw Tom and was like a foot away from him in this fun diner scene.

Kathy Bates - On the set of another Pilot called, "Kindreds", I shared a make-up trailer with Miss Kathy Bates. Awesome.

The Cast of "Cougar Town" including Courtney Cox - This day was sweet because I got to see Ian Gomez, "You've got to take out the little gifts," and I also ate it on the concrete right in front of Courtney on her go-cart. I like to make an impression.

Jeff Probst - I think that is how you spell it. I saw Mr. Survivor Host on my hiking trail. I just wanted to go up to him and say, "The tribe has spoken, My sister Sarah thinks you're awesome."

The Cast of NCIS LA , Including Mr. Chris O'Donnel, LL Cool J, and the cute psychologist - I had fun, and this was the first time the background was only like 15 people. Sweet! It made me feel very special. Of course, the crazy amount of candy I confiscated was awesome and bad at the same time.

Joe and Nick Jonas - This was a complete surprise, I was booked on "Jonas" under a fake name, (I'm assuming because of the crazy fans.) So I had no idea I was booked on this show. It was fun to work on this show though, and I must say seeing Nick Jonas being extremely gracious with his fans when they discovered the brothers on the set and followed them back to the building was a breath of fresh air to witness. Go you guys!

Hope you enjoyed! Gotta go for now, but Lord willing, I will update this a little sooner next time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Blogg...LOTS to catch up on.

Hey guys! So its a new year and that means new starts, new parts, and new opportunities. I am back down in LA, (after a wonderful and welcoming car accident 20 minutes before I got home, YEA LA.) I am fine physically, but financially, God's going to have his work cut out for him to provide the money for the repairs.

I also want to give you a quick update on life at the end of '09. My job at CBS was dissolved, (it was supposed to be temporary anyway but I am sure it probably had something to do with that co-worker problem I had just had.) Oh well, I am poorer but much happier doing background work right now. I have joined a casting service, "Joey's List" which submits for me so I don't have to be calling in every day for work and because of it, I have gotten to work some fun shows such as: NCIS LA, Miami Medical, and 90210. I got myself Grey's Anatomy too! NE who, money is tight but I am trusting God to provide what I need.

In other fun past news, thanks to my sister Sarah, I got to meet most of the Cast from Glee! I got a couple cd's signed by the cast, (although it was just the kids and they were missing Mercedes and Rachel.) But I did get to meet: Kurt, Puck, Artie, Tina, and Finn. It was very fun and Puck was sans mohawk for those who want to know. They all seemed extremely nice and friendly and Kurt was very touched when I told him how much I had loved his and Rachel's version of "Defying Gravity". Puck *ahem* by the way, was way cuter in person than I thought so I am a slightly bigger fan of him now. (Not that I wasn't before, but you get it.) SO! That was fun, sitting in long lines very early in the morning aside.

For Thanksgiving, I got sick, (thanks Cousin Jeremy!) and that wasn't so fun but when I went home for Christmas, I made up for the lost time with trips to the movies with the Fam, good food, too much cookies and chocolate, (whoops Weight Watchers!) and Sister/Parent bonding time. It's always good for me to fill up on the ol' tank of love from my loved ones. I even got to see a couple of my friends while I was home.

As for some good movies, we saw , AVATAR!!! (Awesome!! you MUST see in 3-D,) Sherlock Holmes, (Decent!) Princess and the Frog, (Cute,) and Up in the Air, (Poignant and a very good snapshot of America right now.)

As to future happenings I am really looking forward to Hawaii with the family in exactly one month from today! What fun we're gonna have. I plan to bike and swim and sun myself, all in February. Ahhh, good times.

As for the acting, I am still on the prowl for a good theatrical agent or manager. Bleh, but I have a plan and as soon as I can get my printer fixed, that plan will go into action. In the meantime, I am submitting myself for anything online I can do and I just finished taping a short webisode for a group called, "panic shower". Pilot season is coming up but I could take a lot more advantage of that if I had someone who could submit me for them. :)

It's ok, times are in a bit of an upheaval right now, but God is always working and I just have to focus on the big picture and on him and just plug away, doing the best I can. He will do the rest.

In other news, no guys on the horizon to speak of as of now but my friends and I are slowly getting back together after the break which is always a relief. I already miss my family but with our trip coming up, I won't have to wait long to see them again.

OK Y'ALL, this time it's a doozy...it's time for.....


1. The Cast of Glee - (minus Mercedes and Rachel as stated above, and may I say, all the boys on that show are very fun and cute.)

2. The Cast of 90210 - The new version of course. I was working the most harrowing night of background ever but I did get to see every single member of that show and Liam especially, is *ahem* very talented?

3. The Cast of NCIS LA - not everyone but I DID see: L.L. Cool J, Chris O' Donnell, The woman who plays "Makensie" and the man who plays "Eric". This was one of the funnest shoots I was ever a part of, there was action going on galore. :)

4. Aaron Eckhart - (I hope I spelled that right) I was working on this new movie coming out called "Battlestar LA" and Mr. Eckhart was there dressed to the nines in full Marine regalia for I believe some DVD extra footage and interviews. I might've gotten a little excited to see him when I hadn't been expecting to, but I thankfully remained calm and my serene exterior gave nothing away. He is also *ahem* very talented.

5. Mc Steamy, Callie, daughter Sloan, and Lexie on "Grey's Anatomy" - worked background with these guys and it was very fun. Lexie goes blonde! She still looks great which makes me a little jealous but it's fine. Eric, (Mc Steamy's real name,) is a pretty funny guy, cracking jokes a lot and seems very into football and car racing.

I am sure there are some I've forgotten, but that should hold you guys for awhile.

I just want to encourage EVERYONE to believe in the positive opportunities that await us in the NEW YEAR of 2010 and to go and live life with zest and joy because that is the gift that God gives us if we choose to take advantage of it.

Love to all my family and friends!